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REPLAY March  8, 2018 Your life is a performance 

REPLAY February 7, 2018  The laws and rules we create in our personal reality

RELAY January 24, 2018 Is it possible to live in the moment

REPLAY December 6th - Rewriting your story line for 2018 cycle

REPLAY November 1st Breaking the habit of limitations in your life

REPLAY October 4th Don't get lost in the chaos

REPLAY September 6th When you just feel like escaping the game

REPLAY July 5th Is the Illusion Chasing You

REPLAY June 7th Intro to the FREE teleconference
FREE! On the first Wednesday of each month there will be a teleconference discussing topics generally taken from Sonia’s YouTube Chit Chats, articles, suggested topics and more. Those tuning in may ask questions and share their own insights. The idea of these chats is to support us individually as we make our way through this human journey. Particularly for those questioning existence and the best ways to move through this quagmire into deeper memory of what is possible. Each day we face a series of distractions which test the durability of our will to survive. We are pulled under by the current of many of these distractions yet we manage to make our way out from other such distractions.

My desire is to provide a platform which will allow anyone the opportunity to engage and to expand. Perhaps you have listened to a few of my YouTube clips, interviews or articles and maybe you have never had the opportunity to attend a workshop/webinar or live talk with me. This Free Wednesday format will present an opening and a glimpse into that kind of gathering. 

In our ongoing workshop webinars, one of the most common sentiments is that everyone is so grateful to be part of these gatherings with like minds to share with. I too am excited to have others to play with lol. The information and exchange is beyond common spiritual views expressed by even much the new age concepts.  We shift away from trends and group mind borg agendas but rather we each operate with a sense of individual wholeness. This kind of gathering helps to build momentum in our personal quest especially at times when we may feel absolutely tired and beaten. Through the voices of others we are reminded that you are not alone. You are reminded of the paradox of what we perceive to be “real” or “illusion”. These gatherings are not based on safe conversations or questions. The idea is to break away from these over marketed old models of spirituality and consciousness shifting.

I am thrilled to host these gatherings!

After the month of June you will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Wednesday gathering for a 4 month period if interested and ready to do so. 

The FREE teleconference on the first Wednesday of each month will continue for four months as well. I hope to connect with you and all of the other power-full mind. PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND THE NEXT UPCOMING FREE WEDNESDAY TELECONFERENCE! First Wednesday of the month! 


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