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 November 6, 2017

Guest - Bruce George (RELAY)

Genius is not just for a select few - The word "genius" is derived from the word "genie"

Bruce george smallerSonia chats with Bruce George founder of the Genius is Common Movement and Co-Founder of Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam on HBO. Bruce shares the history of the hijacking of the word “Genius” for a select few. We discuss the true definition of the word genius and how it applies across the board. He shares the role of Stanford University in this deception. Bruce speaks of the power of the Genius is Common Movement across the world. Bruce and Sonia go even further in discussion about what it means to stay inside the box, color inside the lines and be part of the herd. To find out more about Bruce George and the Genius is Common Movement visit and to connect with Sonia visit


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